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This WIKI supports all people around this world, adopting Keshe Plasma Technologies. The main content is compressed and summarized from the KFSSI’s (Keshe Foundation Spaceship Institutes) “teachings” which were held by Mehran Tavakoli Keshe at the Keshe Foundation Spaceship Institute and from knowledgde-seekers all over the world, who develop these technologies further. All participants of the teachings at KFSSI signed The World Peace Treaty; a contract with yourself in which you state that you lay down all tools of aggression here on Earth. If you would like to sign the Treaty, you can download it here: http://www.keshefoundation.org/images/pdf/WORLD_PEACE_TREATY.pdf

Within this WIKI you will find information and tools to balance your life and to bring peace to our wonderful world.

The Keshe Foundation

Mehran Tavakoli Keshe. Source: Keshe Foundation, 2016

The Keshe Foundation is an independent, non-profit and non-religious organization founded by nuclear engineer Mehran Tavakoli Keshe that aims to develop new scientific knowledge, new technologies and new solutions to major global problems like famine, water shortage, lack of electrical power supply, climate change and disease through the use of specially developed plasma reactors which will also give humanity the ability to travel in deep space.

Mehran Tavakoli Keshe was born in Iran in 1958, son of an X-ray engineer. He was introduced to the world of radiation and nuclear science at a very young age. In 1981 he graduated from Queen Mary College, University of London, as a nuclear engineer specializing in reactor technology system control. He has spent the years since then completing a system for the production of gravity and energy using a radioactive hydrogen-fueled reactor that is clean and safe. He has covered all aspects of the design of a new plasma nuclear system from the very beginning to its present stage. This has included the design, the fuel, testing and practical applications. He has concentrated on completing the full range of his technology for launching into the scientific world and industry. The intellectual properties related to this technology were transferred to Stichting the Keshe Foundation.

The Essence of Keshe Technology

Magnetic fields. Source: Keshe Foundation, 2016
Superposition of magnetic fields leads to magnetical and gravitational fields. Source: Keshe Foundation, 2016

Magnetic Fields Defined

Since Albert Einstein's E=MC², it is a scientifically accepted fact that matter is convertible into energy and vice versa. This implies that both matter and energy must be the same by nature.

Everything that exists in all of creation is made up of "magnetic fields." These fields have the two ferromagnetism properties - attraction and repulsion. Opposite poles attract each other while like poles repel each other.

All phenomena in all of creation derives from the diverse interactions of magnetic fields.

Magnetical and Gravitational Fields Defined

A superposition of magnetic fields, which create an outward directed force from the respective centre (an outward field flow), Keshe refers to as Magnetic (capital M) or, for better distinction in spoken language, Magnetical, which is a word introduced by Keshe for this special purpose. The reverse superposition of magnetic fields that develop an inward directed force towards the respective centre (an inward field flow) Keshe refers to as Gravitational (capital G).

Magnetical field flow releases fields to the environment and are therefore available to organisms that require them, while Gravitational field flow absorbs fields from the environment. Gravitation field flow will absorb for example fields from an organism that has fields in abundance that it does not require or that are the wrong fields for the organism.

What is Plasma?

Every physical object (electron, atom, grain of sand, plant, animal, human, planet, star, galaxy, universe, etc.) is nothing more than an accumulations of magnetic fields which Keshe refers to as plasmatic magnetic fields. These plasmatic magnetic fields consist of a huge quantity of individual magnetic fields. Plasmatic magnetic fields are three dimensional, the movement and area of which is determined by the individual magnetic fields within the object. Each of these plasmatic objects is referred to as a plasma and is defined by the field content within it.

The Keshe Foundation does not use the word plasma in the same way that it is used in standard physics. The Foundation does not refer to the state of an ionized gas when they say "plasma." Plasma is defined by the Foundation as the entire content of fields which accumulate and create an object. It is NOT defined by its physical characteristics like ionization and temperature, for example. Plasma refers exclusively to the properties of the fields of which an object consists.

In most cases, fields extend far beyond the physical boundaries of the object in question. As well, there are field compositions (plasmas) that are already detached from their physical source and are moving in a non-physical form (as a pure field body) through space to another physical (or non-physical) object. The movement of these field conglomerations is considered to be a kind of “flowing.” The Foundation therefore defines energy as fields that move and flow in space from point A to point B.

GANS for "producing" magnetic and gravitational fields. Source: Keshe Foundation, 2016

What is GANS?

Certain atoms and molecules release and/or absorb Magnetic and/or Gravitation fields. Released fields are available to be absorbed by other objects. The Keshe Foundation has developed a way in which to gather these free flowing fields from the environment within a usable substance which Keshe named GANS.

An organism for example will emit fields it wants to separate itself from (rid itself of) and will absorb fields that it can use or that it has an urgent need for. The prerequisite is that the appropriate fields for absorption must be available within the immediate environment of the organism.

Schematic View of Plasma Coil Unit. Source: Keshe Foundation, 2016

A tool was developed by the Foundation which consists of components that can absorb fields and create GANS; a substance that exists in a special state of aggregation. Different types of GANS can be created with different desirable energetic properties that can be used individually or in combination for different applications. Each type of GANS has specific field strength depending on the chemical elements within the GANS.

The use of different GANS' with different field strengths or the use of nano-coated double coils with plasma batteries causes a directed field flow from the stronger to the weaker fields.

If these field fluxes are directed through an organism, the organism has the opportunity to absorb the needed parts of these field fluxes or to release a surplus of fields to the environment or they can be collected into a usable GANS.

With this technology, the self-healing powers of the organism are supported at the level of the fields that build up the organism itself. Therefore, the need for chemical agents and processes are not required because healing occurs at the level of Magnetic field interaction.

Plasma Coils

Plasma coils are made of two nano-coated double coils. Each double coil consists of two coils that are wound and wired in a specific way (coil blueprints are available on the Keshe Foundation website). The two double coils are mounted at 90 degrees to each other. Different types and combinations of GANS' are placed on the coils to create different fields strengths. At the center of the double coils a field is created.

An organism is made of fields and can be placed between the coils of a device the Keshe Foundation calls a Plasma Coil Unit. At the centre of the unit, within the space in which the organism would be situated, the Gravitational and Magnetical fields, created at the centre of the coils, interact with the fields of the organism. The strength of the fields created by the coils does not diminish because the coils constantly attract and gather fields from the environment. As a result of the interaction of the fields of the coils and those of the organism, a balancing takes place. The organism experiences a balancing as do the coils. The procedure is complete when the organism and coils find balance.

Nano-Coating and the Production of GANS

The philosophy of the Keshe Foundation is, plasma should be available for free to humanity. This is why all steps of production are open source and available at no cost to the public. Step by step instructions on how to produce different types of GANS' are available on this WIKI. The Foundation manufactures products. If you would like to purchase one of our many products, please go to the Keshe Foundations Webshop: https://store.keshefoundation.org/store/

Nano-Coating of Copper

Main ways, how to coat copper or other metals, Source: Keshe Foundation, 2016

The base material for the coating is copper in any form. The coating is carried out either chemically by etching (steam coating with NaOH) or thermally by heating (Fire Coating by gas burner). During the coating process "gaps between the [outer most layers of copper] atoms" are created. The coating is often referred to as nano-coating, the layers of which build up during the process of the creation of the coating.

Nano-Coating Using NaOH

In order to coat copper wires or plates, you will need:

  • A plastic container with lid (not too big)
  • Weights for weighing down the lid
  • Ready-wound copper coil, wires or plates
  • ~ 100 grams of pure NaOH powder or beads (Do not use drain cleaners. You can buy it in art shops; it is used to remove paint as alkaline-based stripper, or in chemist's/drugstore)
  • ~ 2 liters of distilled water (according to the quantity of coils and size of the plastic container)
  • Electric kettle or stove top to boil water

Phase 1: Caustic bath (~ 2 days)

This first stage prepares the materials for the steam coating process:

  • A zinc grid (can be a mesh, which is zinc coated) is placed at the bottom of the plastic container.
  • Scatter just enough NaOH powder to cover the entire bottom of the container.
  • Before placing the plates in the container, you can drill a small hole at the top corners of the plate(s) which will be used in Phase 2.
  • Place the coils and/or plates directly on the mesh (the coils and/or plates sit on the grid so as to not touch plastic).
  • Place the lid, slightly askew, on the container. Leave a small opening.
  • Boil distilled water and pour it (boiling) into the container via the opening until water covers all the coils and/or the plates.
  • Quickly close the opening by placing the lid correctly on the container.
  • If necessary, place a weight on the lid to ensure as little steam as possible escapes.
  • Leave the container in this state for 24 hours.

Caution, during the pouring of boiling water, steam will escapes. Please wear protective glasses and protective gloves during this process.

Phase 2: Caustic Steam (~ 2 days)

  • After 24 hours have passed, open the plastic container and remove the coils and/or plates. NOTE: Use tight fitting gloves (for example, medical) and lift the plates out by the edges or use a wire through the hole you drilled in the plates. Ensure to touch the coils/plates in ONLY one area when you need to lift them to prevent damaging the nano-coating. Leave the mesh in the container.
  • You will notice that the coils/plates have turned black. This is the nano-coating.
  • Remove the liquid from the container. (Caution - store or dispose of the liquid correctly)
  • Hang the coils or plates, which were previously submerged in NaOH water, on copper wires (utilize the holes at the corners of the plates to hang the plates).
  • The coils should hang roughly 2cm above the bottom of the container and should not touch the container walls, the mesh or the other coils or plates.
  • The plates stand on the mesh, vertically, hung on wires.
  • Place NaOH to cover the bottom of the container as in Phase 1.
  • Place the lid askew.
  • Boil distilled water and pour it boiling through the hole to a depth of roughly 1cm.
  • Close and fasten the lid quickly to stop steam from escaping.
  • Let stand for 2 days.

(Caution - Use protective glasses and protective gloves during this process).

Phase 3: Drying/draining (minimum 3-4 days)

  • The coils and/or plates now begin the drying process.
  • Pour most of the liquid out of the container. Leave a bit of the water in the container and leave it covered, not weighted.
  • Every 6 hours, for the next 3 or 4 days, take a multimeter (set on mv) and touch the mesh with the negative pole and the copper plate with the positive pole at several positions to drain the plate(s) voltage.
  • For coils, if its a double coil, touch the coil with the negative pole of a multimeter at the positive pole of the coil and touch the positive pole of the multimeter at the negative pole of the coil for a few seconds, to drain the voltage out of the coil(s).
  • When this process is completed, never touch the nano-coating and ensure the coils and/or plates never touch each other.

You can watch this process again on this Official Youtube Video from the Spaceshipinstitute:

Nano-Coating Using A Gas Burner

Gas burner (gas torch, blow torch) with butane gas

With this type of coating process it is not necessary to go through the process of polarization (draining the voltage) and drying. However, temperature and direction of application of the fire coating is crucial. When applying the fire coat, the direction in which you apply the flame to the copper must always be in the direction of flow of the coiled wires and the wires must never reach a point of glowing due to the application of heat. Once the wires are heated to a point where they begin to emit a golden shimmer, the gas burner should be moved to an adjacent point on the wires. (For clarification, this will be explained in detail below in an accompanying video).

Moreover, the coils will begin to cool as soon as you move the flame from an area that is being heated to an adjacent point. If, after a few seconds of the heat being removed from an area, the wires take on different colors like red, turquoise or blue throughout the area, this is an indication that the temperature during the fire coating of that area was too low. If this occurs, simply return the flame to the area and coat it again before moving to an adjacent area. If however the wire begins to glow, the temperature is too high and you should back the burner away from the coils slightly to decrease the temperature and continue coating. With practice, the application process becomes automatic.

To fire coat, you require:

  • A gas burner with butane gas (it also works with a propane / butane mixture)
  • Copper coils or plates
  • Refractory mounting device for mounting/hanging the coils or plates (preferably metallic)

Important: Do not apply the fire coat in rooms that are too cold. Doing so will cause the coating layer to easily separate from the copper wire. There are also differences in quality of the copper wires. Sometimes slight cracks at the surface of the raw uncoated wire can be detected.

Note: Please use a gas burner with a tight and narrow pointed flame when applying the coating to ensure very accurate pinpoint application at an area on the wire. If you use a wide, broad flame you will heat up too wide of an area of wire at once. This will result in inaccuracy in the direction of heating of each coil. (Please view the following video for clarification).

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gRaeT-7zIJs Fire Coating Video

When nano-coating copper using fire, it is done at least in two or more sessions depending on how consistent you become in each session. Between each session, the copper is allowed to cool at room temperature. During the cooling process the copper continues to interact with the atmosphere and you will begin to see a change in color on the surface of the copper. The reaction of the nano-coated copper during the succeeding sessions will be different compared to the first session when fire is first applied. On each succeeding session, the nano layer on the surface of the copper also acts as another layer of conductor and a heat sink. When the flame is applied, this surface layer will start to change into a dull color copper before reaching that right temperature of "shimmering surface" look. We still look for that "golden shimmering" moment as in the previous session and move the flame to the adjacent area. A third or more sessions is only required when you see inconsistency of nano-coating colors due to uneven lower heat application or flaking nano layers due to excessive heat application.

Important: For a magrav set of coils or multiple coils formation, the color of the inner coil (gravitational) and the color of the outer coil (magnetical) will usually manifest differently from each other due to the field interaction of the nano layers as they are created during the nano-coating process. Different materials (different batch of copper) will also have a different nano-coating layer. The environmental conditions (flame temperature, atmospheric air quality and temperature, plasma fields) during the nano-coating process greatly influence how the nano materials will manifest on the surface of the material like copper.

GANS Production and Application

Formation of GANS. Source: Keshe Foundation SSI, 2015

GANS is the abbreviation for "GAs in Nano-state of Solid." The Keshe Foundation has developed a method by which carbon dioxide (CO2) can be extracted from the air by simple means and converted into a solid state in the nanometer range (nano-state of solid). Production of CO2 GANS results when carbon in the air joins with oxygen of a salt solution. Within a kind of plasma bubble, consisting of Magnetical and Gravitational fields, this conjunction is brought into a crystalline form. These crystals absorb light (the fields) and store and release them according to demand. Each crystal is like a sun!

The Keshe Foundation discovered that GANS, dried as well as bound in water, is useful as a source of energy or can be usefully applied in areas of health and agriculture. Once GANS is produced it can be stored in distilled water to keep it moist. When it is stored in water, GANS does not mix with the water, it settles at the bottom of the water. GANS water is defined as the clear distilled water in which GANS is stored. The water (see description of GANS washing) can be used in various ways. It is possible to pour it into bath water, to make health patches as wound dressings or to use it as a spray. Small volumes of it, like drops diluted in water (Liquid Plasma) are drinkable. The applications for the use of GANS and Liquid Plasma are limitless.

The process of GANS production, developed by the Keshe Foundation, work for the production of CO2 GANS, but also for other types of GANS. The drawing (Formation of GANS) shows schematically the development of GANS, the base of which is raw copper. Note the compact atomic structure at the bottom of the graphic. In the first step of the process of the formation of GANS, copper is nano-coated. During the coating process spaces between atoms are formed and nano-layers with nano-wires are created (see Coating). Nano-coated copper in interaction with a zinc plate, in a salt water solution, creates CO2 GANS which collects and settled at the bottom of the collection container (see Production of CO2 GANS).

GANS is required for the operation of the Keshe Foundations Plasma Power systems (see the product descriptions for the Power Units in the webshop at www.keshefoundation.org for information on Plasma Power products). GANS is a key component in all of the Foundations products. For example, it is used to coat wound copper coils and used in GANS tanks (e.g. ping pong ball) at the center of coils. As well, GANS is required in order to produce GANS water which is in-turn used to produce GANS fields. Various types of GANS waters are used in many areas of society. Find below descriptions on the production of the four basic kinds of GANS, which are produced by immersing nano-coated copper wires or nano-coated copper plates, in combination with various metals, in a 10% sea salt water solution (100gm sea salt dissolved in 1 litre of distilled water).

Materials required for the production of GANS:

  • Plastic container
  • Distilled water
  • Unrefined, natural sea or rock salt
  • Nano-coated copper wires for short-circuiting of the metals
  • Nano-coated copper plates or coils
  • Various uncoated metal plates (zinc, copper, iron) which are needed for the production of different types of GANS'

This table gives an overview:

GANS Color Coated Material Uncoated Material salt content
Co2 (ZnO + Co2) cream white nano-coated copper zinc 3-10%
ZnO white nano-coated zinc zinc 3-10%
CH3 (FeO + CH3) reddish brown nano-coated copper iron 3-10%
CuO (CuO + Cu) turquoise nano-coated copper copper 3-10%


Washed CO2-GANS with green LED, generates far less and shows structure. Yield after 4 days.
CO2-GANS without LED, high amount of Zinc oxide. Yield after 1 day.
CO2-GANS dried without LED, high amount of Zinc oxide. You bring this with the double amount of NaOH (weight) and hot distilled water into a “nano state.” Wash it at least 5 times or more (pour out the water after the GANS has settled and fill the container again with fresh distilled water each time). What remains is pure CO2-GANS (usually very little).
Connections of LED, but please use a green LED!
LED lights when production is going well and electricity is produced!


CO2 GANS is produced by placing a zinc plate, connected to a nano-coated copper coil or nano-coated copper plate, in a sea salt water solution. Dissolve 100 grams of sea salt in a liter of distilled water and pour the solution into a GANS collection container. Ensure all of the salt is dissolved. There are different ways in which to connect the zinc and copper plates or coils together, which will affect the ratio of CO2 to Zinc GANS produced. In the following video Keshe explains in detail how to produce CO2-Gans:

CO2/ZnO GANS mixture, in a ratio of 20:80

To create a higher yield Zinc to CO2 GANS, the nano-coated copper plate/coil is connected directly to a zinc plate with a piece of copper wire. If you wish, you can drill a small hole at a top corner of each plate to hook the wire to, however, ensure you drill the hole in the copper plate PRIOR to nano-coating it. Or, you can use alligator clips to attach them together. (NOTE: ensure you do NOT scratch the nano layer off of the copper plate with the alligator clips. Clips with especially strong metal spring will damage the nano layered surface). Make certain the bottom of the plates or coils do not touch the bottom of the container. In this direct connection method, GANS is created very quickly. However, the amount of CO2 GANS created is relatively low in respect to Zinc GANS created within the GANS mixture. (NOTE: GANS that is white in colour has a higher content of zinc in it than CO2).

CO2/ZnO GANS mixture in a ratio 90:10

Zinc oxide GANS (ZNO) can not be completely eliminated from the GANS mixture when creating CO2 GANS, but this is of no consequence. However, if you follow these steps, a higher yield of CO2 to Zinc oxide GANS will be created. The colour of the GANS created is an indication of what type of GANS has been created. A white coloured GANS indicates more Zinc GANS in the mixture while a cream coloured GANS indicates a higher yield of CO2 GANS created within the mixture.

A nano-coated copper plate and zinc plate are connected together with a regular piece of copper wire. Ensure the bottom of the plates or coils do not touch the bottom of the container. Cut the wire at the mid point and connect a small LED light, or coil of a PC fan, to the ends of the cut wire. Connect the anode (longer piece of wire = positive pole) of the LED with the wire that leads to the coated plate/coil, and the cathode (notch or shorter needle on LED package = negative pole) with the wire that leads to the zinc plate. (Small holes can be drilled into one corners of each plate, PRIOR to the nano-coating process in the case of the copper plate, that can be used to connect the wire to the plates. You can void drilling holes in favour of using alligator clips to connect the LED to the plates, however, it is VERY IMPORTANT to ensure you do not scratch off or the nano-coating of the copper plate when attaching the clip). After a few hours, a cream coloured layer of CO2 GANS will starts to settle on the bottom of the container. (Note: NO CURRENT is necessary from either a batterie or power supply for the creation of CO2 GANS). (Further note: the colour of the GANS denotes the ratio of CO2 to Zinc GANS in the mixture.

Required Materials:

  • Plastic tub/container or cut bottle
  • Zinc plate
  • Nano-coated copper coil or Nano-coated Copper plate
  • A length of copper wire.
  • Green LED
  • 100gm of sea salt
  • 1L of distilled water

CO2 GANS: Uses/Applications

CO2 GANS water can be used pure or diluted depending on the treatment requirement. It will activates cells, revitalizes the body and strengthens the immune system. CO2 GANS water is very beneficial to all kinds of muscle injuries. When used as a spray it immediately relieves pain. However, in the case of a broken bone(s), do not apply CO2 GANS water directly to fracture(s). Pain at the point of a bone fracture triggers the body to bring needed calcium to the area of the fracture that is required for the healing process. Therefore, do not spray directly on the fracture point; spray the area around it.

  • Oral Application: CO2 GANS water can be taken orally (Eg. drops or 5ml to 25ml in half a liter of water - 1 to 2 times daily (according to the recommendations).
  • Foot Bath Application: Add CO2 GANS water to lukewarm water in a foot bath. When repeatedly applied this eliminates athlete's foot and pulls heavy metals out of the body.
  • Full Bath Application: You can use CO2 GANS water AND the GANS waters of ZnO (zinc oxide), CH3 (iron oxide) and/or CuO (copper oxide). For example, with radiation contamination, Keshe recommends taking a bath with 2 to 3 litres of CO2 GANS water in the bath mixed with warm water, and staying in this water for half an hour 2 to 3 times a day.
  • Scalp and Hair Application: You can regularly rub CO2 GANS water on the scalp and in the hair. It soothes the scalp, strengthens hair folical roots and has been shown to bring the original hair color back.
  • CO2+ ZnO GANS Liquid Plasma Mixture Spray Application: On the face- revitalizes the skin, refreshes and rejuvenates the skin.
  • Aftershave Lotion Application: Alleviates cuts immediately and relaxes the skin.
  • Eczema Application: Spray the affected skin areas with CO2 GANS water - to date, very rapid improvement has been reported.
  • Bee sting Application: Sprinkle the area of the sting with CO2 GANS water several times.

NOTE: CO2 GANS, CO2 GANS water and liquid plasma of CO2 are used in health applications AND for energy production.


Schematic setting of CH3-production without current; instead of the shortcut you can also use DC of a battery


CH3 GANS is produced by using an iron plate, or other source of iron, in combination with a nano-coated copper coil. The two metals are connected together with a copper wire. Unlike the production of CO2 GANS, you can use a very small amount of DC current and a fish tank pump (aerator) to speed the production process, but the pump is not mandatory. You can use a common, adjustable DC device, which produces current of approximately 15 mA between the two metal plates instead of the connection of a copper wire. If you do, the negative pole of the device is attached to the nano-coated copper plate and the positive pole of the device is connected to the iron plate. You could also use a 1.5 V battery as power source. If you use any kind of current you should aerate the salt solution with a small fish tank pump. It will only take a few hours to produce a reddish brown layer of CH3 GANS at the bottom of the container. To get a better result, you can mount a coil of a PC fan between the two plates instead of a wire or a current source.

Required Materials:

  • Plastic Container
  • Iron plate
  • Nano-coated copper coil or plate
  • 100 grams of sea salt
  • 1 litre of distilled water
  • Optional: DC-Device and fish tank aerator

CH3 GANS Uses/Application

CH3 GANS water will strongly energize the body and is nutritious. For instance, 8 drops of CH3 GANS water combined with 1 drop of ZnO GANS water and 1 drop of CO2 GANS water will yield the following results. The plasmatic field of CH3 GANS water gives energy to the body while the plasmatic fields of the ZnO GANS water support the nervous system. The plasmatic fields of the CO2 GANS water acts on muscles and the nervous system. The carbon within CH3 and CO2 GANS waters release energy while the hydrogen of the CH3 GANS water and the oxygen of CO2 GANS water combine to provide moisture, which is needed in the body. The energy of the hydrogen of the CH3 GANS water becomes food for the body. The ZnO GANS water supports nerve connections that are needed assimilate energy into the body. To assure the application is effective, always add one drop of amino acid of each type of GANS to your drop mixture. The amino acid builds up on the top of the salt water solution during the production of each of the GANS'.

Every time you want to apply CH3 GANS liquid as food you must add amino acids. The amino acids tell the body that the energy is provided for the body. The GANS and the amino acids are created within the same container and therefore have an inner connection regarding their inner structure. This inner connection is necessary for the fields of the GANS and its information, which are available within the GANS water and the liquid plasma, to be transferred to the molecules of the cells of a living body. Procedures are topics of present and future research. CH3 GANS is also necessary for technical energy production.


CuO-GANS before it has settled. CuO-GANS has just to settle.


For the production of CuO GANS you need an UNCOATED copper coil, or copper plate, and a nano-coated copper coil or a nano-coated copper plate. The two plates are connected with a copper wire and placed in a sea salt water solution. To speed up the GANS production process, you can use a small amount of DC current and an small aerator (fish tank pump). A DC-device, which provides approximately 15 mA DC current between the two plates, or coils, can be used instead of the copper wire between the plates. The negative pole of the device is connected to the nano-coated copper and the positive pole of the device is connected to the uncoated copper. If you use a current you must apply an aerator to provide additional oxygen to the salt water solution. After a few hours a turquoise layer builds on the bottom of the container and settles there. This is CuO GANS. To get a better result, you can mount a coil of a PC fan between the two metals instead of a wire or a current source.

Required Materials:

  • Plastic Container
  • Uncoated copper plate (or coil)
  • Nano-coated copper plate (or coil)
  • 100 grams of sea salt
  • 1 litre of distilled water
  • Optional: DC Device and aerator (small fish tank pump)

CuO GANS Uses/Application

Copper represents the physical body (in connection with the field interactions); it affects the muscle tissue and the nervous system. Copper is responsible for good communication through the nerves and copper acts as a disinfectant. The Ghana Keshe Foundation, in cooperation with the National Atomic Research Institute, carried out tests where microbial contaminated drinking water was cleaned with CO2 and CuO GANS water. The contaminated water was cleaned of contaminants and transformed into drinkable water. Bacteria, salts and even arsenic and mercury are neutralized through CuO GANS water application to the point where these harmful elements were no longer detectable in the test samples of contaminated water. CuO GANS water can be used in many areas as a natural disinfected. (e.g. rooms where food is produced, hospitals, kitchens, toilets, bathrooms and so on). CuO is also used for energy production.




For the production of ZnO GANS you need a zinc plate (or zinc coil or zinc mesh) and a nano-coated zinc coil (or a coated zinc plate), which are connected and placed in a sea salt solution. The two metals (plates or coils) are connected together by a copper wire. To speed up production you can use here a small amount of DC current and an aerator (fish tank pump). You can also use a DC device that provides approximately 15 mA DC current between the two plates (or coils) instead of the copper wire. The negative pole of the device is connected with to the nano-coated zinc and the positive pole of the device is connected to the uncoated zinc. If you use a current you must use an aerator (fish tank pump) to provide additional oxygen to the salt water solution. After a few hours a white layer will build up on the bottom of the container and settles there. This is ZnO GANS. To get a better result, you can mount a coil of a PC fan between the two metals instead of a wire or a current source.

Required Materials:

  • Plastic Container
  • Uncoated zinc plate (or coil)
  • Nano-coated zinc plate (or coil)
  • 100 gram of sea salt
  • 1 litre of distilled water
  • Optional: DC Device and fish tank pump

ZnO GANS Uses/Applications

Zinc is a key component in more than 80 human metabolic cycles and plays an important role in the healing of wounds. The Magnetic/Gravitational fields of ZnO GANS and/or ZnO liquid plasma interact with the fields of human emotions and therefore can be used to strengthen and balance human emotional needs. Liquid plasma of ZnO GANS is termed “peace plasma.”

  • ZnO Health Applications: ZnO GANS water (ZnO liquid plasma) can be applied everywhere the liquid plasma of CO2 GANS is used because emotional imbalance, conflicts and stress are the most frequent causes of human illnesses and diseases. ZnO plasma aids almost all healing processes.
  • Double Walled Health Cup Application: The gap between the walls of the cup are filled with ZnO GANS water. The cup can be used for two purposes. 1. Fill the cup with water and let stand for several hours. The water will be energized by the fields of the ZnO plasma water. Drink the water. 2. Leave the cup empty and use a straw, placed in the cup, to inhale the ZnO energized air from the cup.

How to Make the GANS of Pills and Vitamins

Powdered Vitamins on a spoon.
Hard Tablet on a spoon.

You can make and use the GANS of any pill, vitamin or supplement that is available to you. As a matter of fact, you can make the GANS of any substance that you can find in your environment.

To make GANS of pills or vitamins (tablets or capsules), please follow these steps:

  • Capsules: Open the pill/vitamin capsule and pour the contents into a small container.
  • Tablets: Crush a hard tablet into a powder using a pill crusher and pour it into a small container.
  • Prepare the Ingredient Proportions: There are two methods that can be used:

First method: Fill a ¼ tsp. measuring spoon with powdered vitamin and place it in a mixing cup. Measure out ¼ tsp. of dry caustic (NaOH) and add it to the mixing cup (use a mixing cup or container that can be tightly sealed). Mix the powders well. Add 5 tsp. of boiling water to the mixing cup (please do not add the boiling water until you have read all of the instructions below). Second Method: Match the quantity of the pill to that of Caustic. Mix and measure the dry ingredients. Add boiling water to the powder at a ratio of 10 parts water to 1 part mixed powder 10:1.

  • Start the Nano-coating Process: Ensure the dry powders are mixed. Add the boiled water to the dry ingredients and quickly tightly cover the container. The caustic (NaOH) will begin creating the nano material. Let stand, tightly sealed, for 3-7 days.
  • Wash the GANS Mixture: After 3-7 days have passed, open the container and wash the mixture with distilled water (see Washing GANS).
  • Add CO2 GANS: To finish the process, add some CO2 GANS (roughly 10ml) to the washed pill/vitamin GANS.

Harvesting GANS

How To Harvest GANS Amino Acids

The first thing you should do after you have created a batch of GANS is harvest the amino acids from the GANS collection container. The amino acids float at the surface of the sea salt water solution. They look and feel oily (do not touch them with your hands). Amino acids are created during the GANS production process and are an extremely valuable ingredient of many applications. Amino acids are organic and are an essential ingredient in the human body.

The layer of amino acids, resting on the surface of the sea salt solution, is quite thin and therefore difficult to collect. If you use a syringe or eye dropper (pipette) you will collect a quantity of salt water along with the acids. Therefore, it is recommended to use a small spoon or glass rod. Touch the acids with the rod or spoon; the acids will stick to either. Or, you can use a sheet of paperboard or plastic wrap. With practice, you will learn how to easily harvest the amino acids.

Store harvested amino acids in liquid form, or you can dry them (if you use a paperboard to collect acids, drying is a favourable option). After drying, store the amino acid powder in a small clean sealed container and label your container (e.g. amino acids of CO2 GANS).

Once the harvesting of the amino acids is complete, you can wash the GANS that has been collected in your GANS container (see GANS Washing).

How To Wash GANS

GANS has to be washed to remove the salt from it before it can be utilized in applications.


  • GANS settles at the bottom of the collection container. Without disturbing the GANS, pour off/remove the sea salt water solution resting above the newly created GANS.
  • If you disturb the GANS and it begins to mix into the salt water, let it settle before attempting to remove more of the the salt water.
  • When you have removed most of the salt water, remove the GANS from the container (you will remove some salt water as well) and place it in a lidded glass jar.
  • Allow the GANS to settle at the bottom of the jar and then pour off/remove as much salt water as possible.
  • Fill this GANS glass jar with distilled water and seal it.
  • Allow the GANS to settle at the bottom of the glass jar and pour off/remove as much of the water above the GANS as possible without disturbing the GANS.
  • Refill the GANS glass jar with distilled water and seal it.
  • Allow the GANS to settle at the bottom of the glass jar and pour off/remove as much of the water above the GANS as possible without disturbing the GANS.

Repeat this process (pouring off/removing the water above the GANS; refilling the jar with distilled water; let settle, pour off, etc.) at least 6 to 10 times. This process washes the salt out of the GANS.

Alternately: You can opt to use GANS collection containers that have spouts at the bottom. You can then open the spout and collect GANS (and some salt water) negating the need to pour off/remove the salt water from above the GANS in the collection container. Find a method that works for you.

How to Make GANS Water

GANS-water filled in bottles
Drying of the GANS on top of the heating

After the salt has been washed out of the GANS, store the GANS in distilled water in a sealed container.

Shaking the sealed container mixes the GANS with the distilled water. The GANS will quickly settle at the bottom of the container, however, the Magnetical/Gravitational fields of the GANS will transfer and mix with the field strength of the distilled water, energizing the water.

After shaking the container, for best energetic results, let the container sit for 24 hours allowing the water to absorb the Mag/Grav fields of the GANS.

The water is now charged/energized with the field properties of the GANS. Now the GANS water (water sitting above the GANS in the jar) can be used for various applications.

When you remove GANS water from the GANS storage container for application purposes, ensure that you take ONLY the clear water from the container. DO NOT take GANS from the container unless you need it for a specific application.

Every time you remove clear GANS water from the container, pour distilled water into the container to refill it, seal it and let is stand for at least 24 hours before using the GANS water for application purposes.

The GANS will continue to energize the water within the container limitlessly.

How To Make Liquid Plasma

Every type of GANS water can produce a respective “liquid plasma.” To produce liquid plasma, with a syringe or an eye dropper (pipette), take a few drops of GANS water and place them into a container of distilled water.

The GANS water information will be transferred from the drops to the volume of distilled water instantly, especially if the mixture is stirred or shaken. For stirring, create a stirrer from a nano-coated copper coil wrapped around a glass rod. The turbulences creates vortexes within the water which act like energetic amplifiers (similar to the procedure in homeopathy).

If you do not have a nano-coated stirrer you can use any stirrer, like a spoon or a rod or even a blender to stir the mixture.

Keshe calls the mixture of distilled water + the drops of GANS water “liquid plasma.”

If you produce liquid plasma from GANS water for internal use (to drink), you can put the GANS water drops (or ml, teaspoon, soup spoon) directly into your drinking water. In this case you should not stir the drinking water with a nano-coated stirrer; use a normal spoon.

How To Dry GANS

GANS can be used in a moist or solid state. You can store GANS in distilled water, keeping it moist, or you can remove it from the distilled water and dry it into a solid powder. In the end, the properties of the GANS remains intact in either state. For health application we most often use GANS water.

Optional: Drying the GANS with a fan

Sometimes dried GANS is preferable for a particular application. When drying GANS the aim is to do it naturally to gently withdraw moisture from the GANS. Under no circumstances is GANS to be dried by heating it over an open fire or on a stove top. The more natural the drying process, the better. It is possible to speed the drying process by putting the moist GANS on top of a heating radiator or heating vent, or by placing the GANS near a lamp that has a heat producing bulb. If crystals form during the drying process, this is an indication that the GANS was not washed thoroughly during the GANS washing process. The crystals are likely salt crystals. During the drying process the GANS will turn to a paste, and after more hours pass it will turn to a powder.

Plasma Technology for Health

The Keshe Foundation offers a full spectrum of information pertaining to GANS and its uses, from solid plasma to liquid plasma to field plasma. Which of the available information, processes or devices resonates with you? The utilization of these Keshe systems will support you for the betterment of the quality of your life while offering you the potential to elevate your soul and the souls of the people around you.

The Role of Emotions in Plasma Technologies

Plasma Technology works on the level of fields "behind" the physical matter we can touch. Everything in Plasma Technology is "built" out of magnetic/gravitational fields. Even our emotions are created by the combination and interaction between specific magnetic and gravitational fields. Fields, influence matter. Especially when they are isolated in specific areas around our physical body. What happens to us when the natural flow of these fields is hampered? We become unbalanced and illness sets in. In Plasma Technology the role of emotions is extremely important. In this WIKI you will therefore find chapters filled with information on psychological, emotional origins of specific diseases.

Here is a list of titles written by therapists, doctors and author, who developed specific techniques to detect and isolate emotions and/or provided humanity with information showing how emotions are connected with disease:

  • The Key to Self-Liberation: [1] This encyclopedic work by Christiane Beerlandt shows the psychological-emotional origins and solutions of disease. The book offers practical guidelines and entries about 1000 diseases.
  • The Emotion Code: [2] In The Emotion Code, Dr Bradley Nelson reveals how emotionally-charged events from your past can effect you in the form of “trapped emotions”; emotional energies that literally inhabit your body.

The Basic Tools of Plasma Health Technology

Ways to use GANS-water. Source: Keshe Foundation, 2016

People all over the world use GANS and GANS water within different devices and cures. With this technology self-healing powers of an organism are supported at the level of the fields that build up/create the organism itself. The use of chemical agents and processes are not necessary when we view life as nothing more than the result of interaction between magnetic and gravitational fields. Which fields are in abundance or are needed by an organism? How can we utilize this knowledge to bring balance to organisms? GANS water for instance can be used in a spray or in a patch. You can drink or inhale GANS water, bathe in it, stand or lay between walls of GANS or stand near rotating balls, which strengthen the effect of GANS.

Seen in a more structured way, we can distinguish between the use of (1) the Pain Pens, which are made of nano-coated copper wires, (2) GANS Patches, which contain different types of GANS or GANS water, (3) Plasma Units, which consist of two or more walls containing nano-coated doublecoils or rotating balls filled with different types of GANS, (4) Field Plasma Units, which are used to produce different types of GANS waters or to replicate specific parts of an organism or (5) GANS water injections, which can be directly injected with a syringe into a vein.

GANS Liquid Plasma Therapy

Liquid Plasma. Source: Keshe Foundation, 2016

Liquid Plasma Therapy can be used for all kinds of diseases, especially different types of cancers; it is a total cancer therapy. There are different ways of using Liquid Plasma, depending on the diseases patients have. You can use Liquid Plasma as a bath, as a drink or as an inhalation cure. You can also combine all three. Always keep in mind: “Nobody has ever died of cancer, we die of lack of energy. “

Liquid Plasma: Bath

This GANS treatment is very powerful. Tumors can be reduced by 80% within 10 Days. CO2 GANS water is the basis of the liquid plasma bath. The patient takes a bath in a bathtub, which is filled up with warm to the touch water and about 1-2 Litres of CO2 GANS water. Do not use the GANS itself, use the GANS water (see GANS water). Mainly use CO2 GANS; CO2 GANS brings the body in balance. Use CH3 GANS mixed with CO2 GANS only when you have psychological depression before the cancer or due to cancer (also for MS, ILS, CVS and FMS). By using this liquid plasma bath you transfer energy from the body into the water while the water releases its energy into the environment.

Mix GANS with distilled water; let the GANS settle at the bottom of the container; take the clear water off of the top and add this water into the bath. For example, get a 5 litre bottle of distilled water, put about 20ml of GANS into it, seal it and shake it. Let it mix and let the GANS settle to the bottom. Leave it for 24 hours so that the fields of the GANS can intermingle with the fields of the water. Then add the clear GANS water from the container to the bathwater. (Do not put the GANS in the water, only the GANS water). After you take water from the container, refill it with distilled water. For patients, you can make 4-5 of these bottles for them so that they can stay in a bath of water that covers their entire body.

You can also put the sealed bottles if GANS/distilled water into the bath! Regardless of whether the tumour is in the spine or the brain, ensure the body is immersed in the bath water or if necessary the patient can lower into the bath with only the mouth or nose above the water. They can additionally just leave the GANS bottles in the bath at the end of the bath.

Instead of using a CO2 patch used on a specific area of the body, we approach the whole body. Several locations of cancers can be handled at one time (stomach, liver, pancreas etc.). It becomes a total approach. Patients should stay 1 hour at least 3 times a day in the bath. Patients can do it at home.

Liquid Plasma Bath. Source: Keshe Foundation, 2016

This could also be realized with a Jacuzzi (bubble bath, whirlpool). Depending on the size of the Jacuzzi, you can sit many people in it. As with the bath, put the GANS water from the bottles, or even the sealed bottles of CO2/distilled water into the Jacuzzi. Keep on adding water from the bottles to the water. The water must not be heated, it should be warm, just warm enough that it is comfortable for the patients. They can sit and even chat. They don't need to do anything but enjoy the Jacuzzi. Within the first 48 hours the first changes occur. Alternately, instead of leaving the sealed 5 Litre bottles in the water, you can float Coca Cola Bottles that are filled with GANS and GANS water.

For the rest of the 80% of cancer reduction mentioned above, you need to have a detailed blood or/and urine analysis done that identifies the metals in the blood. When you see heavy metals in the blood or urine, what does it mean? How do you interpret the high level of these materials in the blood? For instance, high level of mercury or lead? It is possible to reduce the mass size of a tumour, up to 80 %, within weeks of GANS treatment. The other 20% can be reduced by analyzing the blood of the patients by first looking at the heavy metals that are in the blood. When you stop GANS therapy without doing this, the cancer becomes more aggressive. When there is a high level of mercury in the blood for instance, it means the center of the cancer tumour, the mother feeder (mother which feeds the whole cancer) is mercury. The last 20% of the tumour is a solid mass which is gets fed continuously by the mother! When you do a blood test or urine test and you see high levels of a specific metal, it means that this is the seed of your cancer. For example: When you have the results of your blood test and you see a high level of mercury, it means mercury feeds the cancer. Therefore, a GANS of mercury will be required for treatment. Cancer steals the bodies energy; it’s heavily gravitational. Make GANS of mercury and put a few drops into the water near where the cancer is and you find out that you killed the cancer inside. The energy from the seed is transferred. You deplete the energy from the centre of the cancer, from the point where it’s absorbing all the bodies energy.

How do you produce GANS of mercury considering it is extremely difficult to handle? Put a container of mercury on top of a container that is filled with distilled water; it’s like the process which was done with the orange. Put GANS of CO2, CH3 and Amino acids around the container outside the glass. When you put the mercury above the water, the water will absorb the GANS of the mercury. Then all you need to is add the distilled water into the water of the bath.

Liquid Plasma: Taken Orally

Liquid Plasma Drink and Inhalation Cure. Source: Keshe Foundation, 2016

In conjunction with the bath, take 2-3 Soup Spoons of GANS water (never the GANS) and put it in a glass of drinking water two or three times a day. This amount of GANS water ensures the body has time to assimilate and utilize the GANS water.

Liquid Plasma: As an Inhalant

Liquid Plasma Inhalation is very important because when a "Breathing Device" is used it directly addresses the emotions. This treatment can be used in conjuction with all other Plasma treatments and technologies, especially with patients with lung problems (but suitable for all emotional based diseases). eg. Put GANS water in a glass of drinking water; hold a straw close to the surface of the water and breathe in the surface air at the top of the water. The Illustration shows a summary of the liquid plasma drink and inhalation treatment. Conversely, you can use a double walled cup and fill the wall space with GANS water or liquid plasma. Then place a straw into the cup and inhale the air from the interior of the cup.

Plasma Units

Liquid Plasma. Source: Keshe Foundation, 2016

A Plasma Unit is a device that consists, in its most basic form, of two vertical walls containing either mounted nano-coated copper coils (the Plasma Coil Unit) or mounted balls filled with GANS water (the Plasma Ball Unit). Both versions are holistic systems which are used to help balance the physical as well as the non-physical aspects of an organism.

Plasma Coil Unit

Schematic View of Plasma Coil Unit. Source: Keshe Foundation, 2016
Adding GANS Patches to address specific parts. Source: Keshe Foundation, 2016

The Plasma Coil Unit is a device which consists, in its most basic form, of two vertical walls on which several double coils are mounted. The double coils (see Plasma Coils) are not connected in the same way they are in a (power) Magravs unit. They are connected in specific “health-settings.” Plasma, that flows between the two coiled filled walls, penetrates and passes through the human body, situated between the walls. The Illustration shows this schematically. The advantage of this system is, if a specific part of the body is afflicted the whole of the body is immersed in plasma. It is a holistic system that uses CO2 and ZnO GANS to process the physical body, including the brain, as well as human emotions.

More and more studies are showing that emotion is at the heart of many illnesses. When using the Unit, after changes in the physical body occur, changes in emotional pattern follow, which means patients can achieve complete emotional and physical balance in the long run.

By the additional use of GANS Patches, we can concentrate plasma energies where they are needed most.

Plasma Coil Unit Application

You can use the Plasma Coil Unit to treat all illnesses.

  • Place the body between the vertical walls of the Unit.
  • Place the coils of the walls at a height adjacent to the source of the illness.
  • Move the coils as close as possible to the body, but do not let the coils touch the body.
  • You can use thin plastic foils (e.g. plastic bags) to cover the coils in order to get the coils as close to the body as possible. The foil can touch the skin, but the coils can not touch the skin because the results and effectiveness will be greatly altered. The GANS can not touch the skin directly, so for close proximity coil placement, put a foil around the coils.

Plasmatic Pulse: The human heartbeat pulses. As it pulses the body releases an amount of energy to fulfill the emotional need of the body. Blood circulation pulsing triggers the coils of the Plasma Coil Unit to release plasmatic energy (this is similar to the pulse and release associated with the GANS coated coils of the Magravs energy systems, that pulse at 50Hz). The coils of the Plasma Coil Unit pulse and release plasmatic energy when the coils pulse is kick started by the bodies natural pulse. There is therefore a tailored pulse interaction between the Unit and the patient which results in the body taking from the coils what it needs while releasing (giving) what it does not need, to achieve balance.

It is suggested to use GANS patches in conjunction with the Unit because a patch on naked skin “feels“ the bones natural pulse, the vibration of which triggers the releases of the exact amount of energy from the GANS of the patch that the body needs. The GANS of the patch does not continuously release its energy. It will stop as soon as the body has finished taking what it needs from the patch. When you make GANS patches for a patient, make sure the patient sticks it on the body. The patch will give the body only what it needs to achieve balance.

Plasma Ball Unit


Pain Pen

KFSSI Pain Pen


GANS Patches

GANS water in bottles; please use on your bodies only the GANS water above the GANS substance.

In health applications the Keshe Foundation uses only the water above the GANS (see GANS Water) and/or Liquid Plasma (see Liquid Plasma). CAUTION: GANS must never be consumed under any circumstance and you must never touch GANS with any part of the body. CO2 GANS Water or Liquid Plasma of CO2 is primarily used for the creation of GANS patches or GANS pads. When you work with GANS, always where gloves.

How To Make a GANS Patch

Method: Utilizing GANS Water
  1. For a definition of GANS Water please see section How To Make GANS Water.
  2. Fill a small container/bottle with clear CO2 GANS water.
  3. Add a few drops of CuO2 GANS water to the container/bottle and stir it to mix the solution. (Note: for best results use a nano-coated stirrer (nano-coated copper coil wrapped around a glass rod).
  4. You will need plastic zip lock bags, with good strong zip seals, and paper towel.
  5. Using a small syringe, take 10-15 ml of GANS-water from the prepared bottle and drip it on a 2 layer thick paper towel (you decide the size of the patch). Use enough liquid to soak the entire paper towel. When the entire paper is damp, put it into a zip lock bag, press out the air and close/seal the bag.
  6. Label the bag immediately (What is the content? Which GANS waters was used? In which ratio? Date the patch was made?).
  7. GANS patches or pads should only be used by the people for whom they are made and intended. The best option is to produce patches with a specific person in mind with the intention that the patch/pad will deliver the plasmatic fields that are needed for the healing process of the person. Do not give a GANS patch or pad to anyone if it was already used by someone. (Exception: emergency case).
Method: Utilizing Liquid Plasma
  1. Prepare the Liquid Plasma (see Liquid Plasma Preparation) of the different types of GANS' as individual liquid plasmas or combined in a mixture in required application ratios.
  2. You will need zip lock bags with a strong zip seal and paper towel.
  3. Using a syringe, drip 10-15 ml of the prepared Liquid Plasma and one or two drops of CuO GANS water (pure) onto a two layer thick paper towel. (The size of the patch determines the amount of drops required in order to wet the entire towel).
  4. When the whole paper is damp, put it into a zip lock bag, press the air out of the bag and close/seal it.
  5. Label the bag immediately (What is the content? Which liquid plasmas in which ratio did you use? How many drops of CuO GANS water were used? Date made?).
  6. GANS patches or pads should only be used by the people for whom they are made and intended. For best results, make a patch or pad with a certain person in mind with the intention that it will deliver the fields that are needed in order to heal the person.
  7. A patch or pad should not be used by someone AFTER it is used by a person. (Exception: emergency case).

Try testing to see if you get better results when you use GANS Water for the patches or when you use Liquid Plasma for the production of patches and pads, and please report the result of your research to the Keshe Foundation.

Application of GANS Patches and Pads

Using the patches:

  • Simply apply them to the area of an ache or pain.
  • They work well on a plaster bandage. Hand, arm shoulder, hip, knee, foot, ribs, solar plexus, neck, etc.
  • In times of restlessness, grief, fear, worries: apply on the solar plexus and neck areas

CAUTION: Do not use patches/pads on body parts that contain artificial material(s). For example on areas where nails, screws, and plates are located or after surgical interventions. Do not apply on the area of root canal treatment of teeth. Never place a patch/pad on or near pacemakers.

Application of Plasma in Emergency Situations

A good source of information on the application of plasma in emergency situations can be found in the 121st Knowledge Seekers Workshop, between the 21st and 35th minute marks.

Research for all Keshe Foundation plasma technology health applications are still very much in the beginning stages, however results have been extremely positive to date. Further investigation needs to be done in this field of science. Clinical trials and tests are only possible after Foundation permission is granted. All recommendations and proposals stated here or in the teachings of Mr. Keshe are the result of previous tests with volunteers or are the results of theoretical deduced approaches. Each application of a proposals given here, or on other Foundation plasma technology application sites, are carried out with full knowledge and understanding that personal responsibility and liability rests with the volunteers who agree to participate in private plasma health care tests.

Previous tests have shown that plasma (the result of interaction between Magnetic and Gravitational fields) can aid people very quickly in many situations. In emergency situations, GANS products can be applied by spray, patch and even orally.

Be prepared for emergency situations! Create varieties of GANS' and have them on hand and available. Here is a list of the types of GANS that you should have on hand for emergency situations:

  • CuO GANS (turquoise-blue in colour) and CuO2 GANS (brownish in colour)
  • ZnO GANS or ZnO2 (both white in colour)
  • CO2 GANS ( cream white in colour)
  • CH3 GANS (reddish-brown in colour)
  • CaO2 (produce from the ashes of burnt bones)

Prepare, harvest and store at least 100ml of each type of GANS. To each thoroughly washed GANS, stir and mix in a few drops of its harvested Amino Acids. Ensure each sealed GANS storage container is filled to the top with distilled water that you can utilize when required. Only use the GANS Water (see Making GANS Water and GANS Water Applications). If you use some of the GANS Water, replenish the container with distilled water. In this way, the actual GANS will never be depleted. According to Mr.Keshe, GANS retains its energetic properties for more than three generations of humans, perhaps even longer. Even if a disaster does not occur, we can pass this valuable knowledge to our descendants. Note: Studies are ongoing concerning how often you need to completely remove and replace the GANS water from the GANS sealed storage container to prevent the formation of germs in the containers water. The Foundation strongly encourages you to engage in plasma technology research and provide the Foundation with results and feedback).

Mobile Plasma Unit

Mobile Health Unit, created with a vacuum sealer.

A Plasma Unit consists of two vertical walls on which either coils or GANS patches are mounted. A person stands between these walls. Plasma flows through the body, from one wall to the other, front to back, back to front. The closer the coil or patches are to the body the easier it is for the body to absorb and interact with the Magnetic/Gravitational fields of the coils or patches.

The Plasma Health Unit with coils is a very complex apparatus and complicated to build. The mobile unit however is very easy to build, and can be constructed quickly. All you have to do attach multiple GANS patches to the front and back of the body. It is important that a plasmatic field flow takes place from the rear to the front. In order for the fields to flow in the right direction, from the back towards the front of the body, the patches in the back part have to emit stronger fields than the patches in the front.

(***For stationary health units please consider the respective blueprints (LINK) )

Typically, the right direction of field flow can be achieved by creating CO2/ZnO GANS Water patches for both sides. One or more GANS Water patches should be placed on the back, thus creating the flow. The extra patches can be, for example, CH3 GANS Water patches, along with some CuO GANS Water and/or Food GANS Water. Another possibility would be to attach all the patches in one piece of sealed cover (for front and back part, with a hole for the head). You can create this for example with a vacuum sealer (see photo).

Use at your own risk and liability. Please report your experiences to the Keshe Foundation.

GANS Processing: Decontamination of Water

Ratio of CuO water to contaminated water

In order to ensure people have clean drinking water, CuO GANS Water or CuO2 GANS Water can be used to decontaminate water. The dilution ratio s 1:100. 1 litre of CuO GANS Water or CuO2 GANS Water to 100 litres of contaminated water. Pour the CuO or CuO2 GANS Water into a container with the contaminated water. Stir and allow it to settle for 12 hours. Next, extract clean water from the container. You can produce at least 50 litres of clean drinking water from 100 litres of polluted water.

Use only at your own risk and liability. Please report your experiences to the Keshe Foundation.

GANS Processing: Internal and External Injuries

CO2 and ZnO GANS water acts excellently as a spray when sprayed on painful areas (be careful: do not apply directly upon fractures, only around them, the bone needs the pain for the calcium to be created/incorporated). You can also spray it on clothes, tents and so on to protect against nuclear radiation and to keep warm.

In situations of crisis our mind is heavily loaded with fears, confusion, depression, exuberant emotions and so on. In these cases always spray a CO2 and ZnO GANS Water mixture, or drink it diluted in a glass or bottle of water. A few drops is all you need. Or apply patches on the solar plexus and neck. Also the compound of CO2, ZnO and CH3 GANS Water can be used to strengthen the nervous system. Namely in a ratio of 20% CH3, 10% ZnO and 70% CO2 GANS Water, with a little amount of Amino Acids added to the mixture (one drop of each kind).

In cases of exhaustion and/or hunger, combine CO2/ZnO2 with CH3 GANS Water. And apply two patches of different strength, one upon the solar plexus and the stronger one on the back. For example: CO2/ZnO2 and Food GANS Water with amino acids at the back and CO2 GANS Water at the solar plexus.

With open injuries, two or three different patches can be used: CO2, CH3 and CuO2 GANS Water. Make three different patches and place them one above the other. They can be placed directly over the dressing. Apply the CuO2 patch only for a short time. Its purpose is to prevent infection of wounds.

Use only at your own risk and liability. Please report your experiences to the Keshe Foundation.

GANS Processing: Infections of The Skin, External Injuries of The Skin, Cuts, Sunburn, Insect Bites Etc.

(See 121st. Knowledge Seekers Workshop, approximately from 29 minutes)

Application of Liquid Plasma Created With Drops of GANS Water: CuO + Co2 (in the ratio 50%/50%) for spraying or patches
Pour the Liquid Plasma (equal amounts of drops of CuO and CO2 GANS Water) into a spray-bottle and spray wounds directly, or wet a paper napkin/paper towel with this mixture and apply it on body part.

When you have an insect bite, wash the bite area with CO2 GANS Water to which you added only 1 drop of CuO GANS Water.

Use only at your own risk and liability. Please report your experiences to the Keshe Foundation.

GANS Processing: Deep Wounds With Internal Injuries of Inner Organs, (Below the Neck)

(See 121st Knowledge Seekers Workshop, approximately from 29:50 minutes) Application of Liquid Plasma Created With Drops of GANS Water:

CuO2 (5 drops) + CO2 (3 drops) + ZnO (1 drop) + COHN (Amino Acids – 1 drop of each kind). Drink the drops diluted in a glass or bottle of water

  • CuO or CuO2 repairs muscle tissue and accelerates healing
  • CO2 connects, provides communication for tissue repair; gives the body necessary energy
  • ZnO stabilizes emotions
  • COHN (Amino Acids) provide the connection to the body

This mixture accelerates the healing of the injured tissue.

Use only at your own risk and liability. Please report your experiences to the Keshe Foundation.


(See 121st. Knowledge Seekers Workshop, approximately from 32 minutes) Application of Liquid Plasma Created With Drops of GANS Water:

CO2 (2 drops) + Cu0 (3-4 drops) + CH3 (1 drop) + COHN (1 drop) + CaO Calcium oxide (1-2 drops): put a soaked towel around the fracture (not directly on the point of fracture).  
  • CO2-gives the body the necessary energy and provides the communication within the body
  • CuO and CuO2 disinfects and helps in muscle tissue healing
  • CH3 (iron GANS-water) amplifies energy for the healing process
  • COHN (amino acids) provide the connection to the body
  • CaO (Calcium oxide) for the reconstruction of bones

CaO GANS can be produced easily from the ashes of burnt bones.

Do not apply the soaked towel or spray directly upon the point of fracture, but only around the area of the fracture.

Use only at your own risk and liability. Please report your experiences to the Keshe Foundation.

GANS Processing: Head/Brain Injury

(See 121st. Knowledge Seekers Workshop, approximately from 34 minutes) Application of liquid plasma created with drops of GANS water:

CO2 (3 drops) + CaO (3 drops) + ZnO (4 drops) apply with patches or tubes

2-3 weeks after a head/brain injury, it is safe to begin applying this application. Calcium oxide (CaO2) is needed for brain cells; usually the brain cells take calcium from the bones of the skull.

COHN (Amino Acids) are important for the connection between the fields of the Liquid Plasma and the area of injury. They support the repair work of the body.

Use only at your own risk and liability. Please report your experiences to the Keshe Foundation.

GANS: A Powerful Disinfectant

For more information, view the Keshe Foundations 119th Knowledge Seekers Workshop at the 2 hours 21 minute mark.


CuO GANS Water mixed with CO2 GANS Water: Can be used as a disinfectant for surgical instruments and hands. However, more research in this area needs further exploration. (Feedback from physicians would be appreciated).

CO2 GANS Water mixed with a small amount of CuO GANS Water:

  1. Used in a spray as a disinfectant solution, for bathrooms, toilets, kitchens, etc.
  2. Used as a body deodorant; Used to get rid of unpleasant odours.
  3. Used as spray, on the skin, on skin diseases, even skin cancer and burns.
  4. Used as a spray or in a patch on foot infections and corns.
  5. Used as a spray on the the head and scalp for people with thinning or balding. Spray it on and massage it in.

Further research and testing needs to be done in this area. Use only at your own risk and liability. Please report your experiences to the Keshe Foundation so it can be shared with others.

GANS Processing of Eye Problems

Details can be found in the 22nd International Knowledge Seekers Workshop, at the 1 hour 40 minute mark

With health generally, one must consider the causes of the disease and the affected tissue. GANS Amino Acids provide a connection between the fields of the GANS Water and that of the affected physical area in the body. CO2 Amino Acids connect to the body in a general way, ZnO Amino Acids connects with the nerves while CuO2 Amino Acids connects with the bodies muscle tissue and CaO Amino Acids connect with the bodies bone tissue. Research shows that many illnesses are a direct result of ones emotional state. The eyes are no exception. GANS can help restore the bodies emotional balance which will result, in the case of certain eye diseases, recovery.

Degenerative eye diseases can be processed with 3 types of GANS:

  1. 4-5 drops of GANS Water of CO2: used to connect the physicality with emotions.
  2. 1-2 drops of GANS Water of ZnO: used to provide support for the emotions.
  3. 1-2 drops of GANS Water of CH3: used to provide energy for the recovery of the cells (conversion of fields into matter)

CAUTION: With eye cancer you MUST NOT use CH3 GANS Water because this promotes growth of the cancer.

For the treatment of muscles which move the eyeball, for focusing, create a mixture of:

  • 1/2 to 1 drop of CuO2 GANS Water (1 drop will already be too much): supports the regeneration of muscle tissue.
  • Add 1 drop of CO2 GANS Amino Acids.
  • If there is muscular weakness of the eye, BUT ONLY IF THERE IS MUSCULAR WEAKNESS, you can add a very small amount of the Amino Acids of CuO2 GANS to the mixture.
  • If nerves are affected, you can add the Amino Acids of ZnO GANS to the mixture.

Use only at your own risk and liability. Please report your experiences to the Keshe Foundation so that it can be share.

GANS Processing of Viruses

(View the 135th Keshe Foundation Knowledge Seekers Workshop, at approximately the 30 minute mark onward)

Plasma technology is suitable for dealing with viruses. Viruses dock to their respective host cells. CO2 GANS Water is capable of separating this connection, by interaction of the fields of the CO2 GANS Water with the fields of the virus, and by creating a field balance so that no further fields are available for a reconnection with the host cell.

Required materials: CO2 GANS Water.


  1. At the moment one perceives an infection, and a physician has determined it is a viral infection, take 2-3 tsp of CO2 GANS Water.
  2. Continue taking the same dose for 2 to 5 days. The virus should disappear. Even if it is still there, it will no longer be effective.

In rare, very serious cases, add in a ratio of 1:10 of CuO GANS Water: 9 drops of CO2 GANS Water + 1 drop of CuO GANS Water

Please report your experiences to the Keshe Foundation.

GANS Processing of Flu

If flu starts with a high fever, within the first half hour take 3-4 tsp of CO2 GANS Water combined with 1 drop of CuO GANS Water every 5 minutes. The bodies temperature will drop quickly. Repeat the process 2 to 3 times during the next hour and then only 3 to 4 times over the rest of the day. For the next 2 to 3 days, take 2-3 tsp, 3 to 4 times daily. During the process, ensure to wash the hands regularly with CO2 GANS Water.

Result: The pathogenic fields are literally washed out of the body through the CO2 GANS Water. The GANS Water supports an internal cleansing process.

If you have children with a high fever, you can wash or rub the body with CO2 GANS Water. Possibly also add a drop of CuO2 GANS Water. The temperature will fall quickly.

Use only at your own risk and liability. Please report your experiences to the Keshe Foundation.

GANS Processing of Ebola and Malaria

Application: Take 3 to 5 teaspoons or tablespoons of CO2 GANS Water per day for 30 to 60 days, possibly even 100 days.

Use at your own risk and liability. Feedback and report of experiences to the Keshe Foundation are requested.

GANS Processing of Aids (HIV-positive)

(For details, view the Keshe Foundations 135th Knowledge Seekers Workshop, approximately from the 1 hour 48 minute mark)

For the first 15 to 30 days use the Liquid Plasma of GANS Water: for drinking, cooking, bathing, housecleaning, laundry cleaning, hand washing, etc (where ever you use water during your daily routine). You should not drink anything other than GANS Water Liquid Plasma.

Processing Ratios:

  1. 3 to 4 times a day, 1 tablespoon of CO2 GANS Water combined with a few drops of CuO GANS Water should be add to drinking water.
  2. Create a Liquid Plasma mixture of the following: CuO GANS Water, CH3 GANS Water, CO2 GANS Water and ZnO GANS Water (in equal parts)
  3. ONLY this Liquid Plasma mixture should be used for drinking, cooking, bathing, housecleaning, laundry cleaning, hand washing, etc. You should not drink anything else.

The first phase of processing is used to purify the body. After several days this can lead to fatigue, nausea, blood in the urine or pain. During this phase, the body needs energy for healing, so you should sleep frequently. This condition should disappear after about 2 weeks. Then one can go from the first to the second phase.

Use only at your own risk and liability. Please report your experiences to the Keshe Foundation.

GANS Processing of Bacterial Diseases

Bacteria are very easy to process. If a doctor prescribes an antibiotic, one can (in an autonomous, self responsible test) reduce the amount of the antibiotic (for example halve the tablet or cut in even smaller pieces) and additionally take CO2 GANS Water. It should prevent the rise of resistance to the antibiotic and cause the antibiotic to have a better effect.

Feedback and advice to the Keshe Foundation are requested.

Use at your own risk and liability. Feedback and report of experience to the Keshe Foundation are requested.

GANS Processing: Oral Hygiene

For more information, please view the Keshe Foundations 135th. Knowledge Seekers Workshop, approximately from 56 minutes onward.

Toothpaste alternative: Flush the mouth with CO2 GANS Water. Ensure the liquid wets all areas of the oral cavity and the palate. This leads to a balancing in the environment of the mouth. As a further result, it prevents tooth and gum disease, because the microorganisms will not find the right environment for propagation. It is safe to swallowed residual CO2 GANS water after flushing.

To aid mouth hygiene, 2 to 3 times a week at bedtime, chew a small piece of cheese and swallow it. This should have a positive effect on the oral environment and help to prevent dental disease.

If milk teeth (baby teeth) have been collected (common in some countries) they can be used for the production of Calcium GANS, which will supply the exact calcium fields that are suitable for the person who grew the teeth. To create the Calcium GANS, dissolve the teeth in lemon juice (or Coca Cola) then add NaOH. (The NaOH method is also used for the production of food GANS).

As an alternative to physical GANS production from the teeth you can transmit the information of the teeth to water. 1. Fill a round container with water. 2. Evenly distribute 5 vials around the container. 3. Fill one vial with CO2 GANS, one with CH3 GANS, one with ZnO GANS, one with CuO GANS and the last one with the Amino Acids from the production of CO2 GANS. 4. Lie or hang the teeth, or tooth, directly above of the water. Over time, the water in the container will absorb the fields from the vials AND from the tooth. 5. Drink the water of the container, or, if you for example intend to use it for the support of the healing of a bone fracture, apply a patch, made from the containers water, on the body, namely in front and back (or left and right) of the part of the body near the point of the fracture.

Use only at your own risk and responsibility. Please report your experiences to the Keshe Foundation.

GANS Processing: for use in Functional Failure of Organs

For more information, please view the Keshe Founations 135th Knowledge Seekers Workshop, from approximately the 2 hours 23 minute mark onward.

The use of water in a container in association with 5 GANS vials, as described above, can be used for the healing of an organ that is failing (has functional loss).

In the future, with the use and wide acceptance of GANS Processing it is likely that organ transplants will be necessary.

For example, if somebody has bone marrow problems, find a healthy family member, who sits or lies with the upper part of the knee (where the kneecap is located) resting above the water container (with the 5 vials around it). The field donors healthy bone marrow field information will be absorbed into the water of the container. Then the patient with the bone marrow problem can drink the water. (More information about this topic will be added in the near future).

Use only at your own risk and liability. Please report your experiences to the Keshe Foundation.

GANS Processing: Ridding the Body of Toxins: Body Wash

For more information, please view the Keshe Foundations 135th Knowledge Seekers Workshop, at approximately the 1 hour and 13 minutes mark to the 2 hours 32 minute mark.

It should also be possible to wash toxins out of the body by using GANS Water. It would be interesting to see if this will work for snake venom by snake bite or something similar. You could rinse the bite wound with a mixture of CuO and ZnO GANS Waters and then drop a mixture of CO2 GANS Water and ZnO GANS Water (50:50) into the bite wound or drink it.

Cortisone retention after high doses of cortisone can be removed from the body with CO2 GANS Water along with the use the essential oils of citrus fruits, but this is a prolonged process. Collect the oils from the peel of citrus fruits and mix them into CO2 GANS Water. Then wash your hands or wash the affected parts of the body with it.

Use only at your own risk and liability. Please report your experiences to the Keshe Foundation.

Specific Plasma Therapies: Developed by Doctors and Therapeuts

Origins of Cancer

Cancer starts in a very simple way; it starts with an increase in Gravitational fields.

When you have an increase of gravitational fields at the cell level, the cell becomes heavier than other cells. It will attract more amino acid to it, it starts "shelling" itself and it grows and becomes a tumour. For instance, if the center of a tumour is copper, a blood analysis will show elevated levels of copper in the blood. An increase of the amount of copper means that this information has been transferred to the RNA and DNA. Life is structured to extend life, to live and survive longer. When the body finds a system that can live longer, it will embrace it.

The majority of cancers are the result of evolutionary cancer. As we assimilate we find a better situation and we accept the new positions and adapt, but some of us could not go through the evolution, they create a change and cancer appears.

How To Measure the Progress of Using Plasma Technologies

Measuring Progress:

Breathing Rate: Ask the patient to sit down and very calmly explain to them that you want them to take a long, deep, slow breath in and and long, slow, deep breath out. Do this a second time. The third time, take a deep breath in and hold it until you can hold it no longer, then breath out. Measure the length of time the patient could hold their breath.

Then let the patient talk for a few seconds and then ask the patient to take another deep breath in and out. When taking a second deep breath in and out, put an index-finger on the left nostril and let the patient breathe in through the right nostril. Ask the patient to hold the breath in until it's not possible anymore, then let the breath out. Repeat the process, but this time put an index-finger on the right nostril; let the patient breathe in through the left nostril, hold the breath until it’s not possible anymore, then let the breathe out. Measure the time the patients can hold their breath.

Make these measurements before you start any therapy with a patient and document it. What you should see is a steady lengthening in the time the patient can hold their breath. This extension in breathing will give you insight not only of a psychological change, but also insight of the patients physical and emotional change. The change of emotion is witnessed in breathing patterns because blood is the source of the emotions; change the system and you find out a change in the breathing pattern. After 2-3 weeks, you can see the difference.

Plasma Technology for Agriculture

Introduction to Plasma Technology in Agriculture

Plasma technology was developed by the Iranian nuclear engineer, Mehran Tavakoli Keshe. The technology is basically a spaceship technology but has many uses and applications in fields other that space or space related fields. Spaceship technology is different from space technology in that no motors or wings are needed for space travel as no motors or wings are found in the universe, yet planets, galaxies, and other bodies in the universe have been rotating for millions of years. When applied in agriculture, plasma technology is changing, and will continue to change people’s understanding of plants, soils, and agricultural practices in general. Duly understood and correctly applied, plasma technology has potential to completely transform agricultural practices, minimize cost for agriculture practitioners, enhance health and healthy living for both producers and consumers, and virtually eliminate external inputs in agricultural systems globally. Plasma technology in agriculture will also show over the next few years that this world has unlimited resources everywhere, and that it is the people who will need to learn and fully understand how to “harvest” those resources that they need for their agricultural practices, and for all their other needs in general.

Gasses in Nano State (GANS)

With full understanding of how plants absorb carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, Mehran Tavakoli Keshe designed technology that replicates a plant’s leaf for the effective capture of CO2 and other gases in their Nano states (GANS). A gas in Nano state is a new state of matter, where a gas molecule that becomes Nano of itself, appears as a solid state of matter (Keshe, MT, 2011. The Structure of Light). It is especially this seemingly simple, GANS capture technology that will, necessarily, completely transform agricultural development and practice once and for all.

Transforming agriculture with CO2 GANS

CO2 GANS are increasingly used to transform agriculture practices across the world. Before sowing, for example, seeds are soaked in CO2 GANS liquid plasma to decontaminate any that may be disease infected or adulterated, while irrigation of crops with CO2 liquid plasma virtually eliminates the need for fertilizers and pesticides. The use of CO2 liquid plasma and other such liquid plasmas increasingly provide the much needed agriculture solutions for enhancing plant growth, ensuring plant health, and increasing crop yields at minimum cost to producers.

Crop diseases and pests

For plant diseases, CO2 GANS liquid plasma creates conditions in the plant environment under which those diseases cannot exist. For crop pests, application of CO2 GANS liquid plasma creates conditions under which the pests do not damage crops. In addition, pests also absorb the energy of the applied CO2 GANS liquid plasma. When they absorb enough energy for their bodies' metabolism, such pests do not need to feed on the crops, thus application of CO2 GANS liquid plasma creates a win-win condition for both crops and their erstwhile pests.

CO2 GANS mechanism for capturing amino acids, COHN

The applied CO2 GANS liquid plasma captures and holds the amino acids, COHN, in the above-ground plant environment in an elegant manner, where the carbon in the CO2 GANS establishes a communication line with the atmospheric amino acids, COHN, through its magnetic gravitational fields’ strength.

This “capture and hold” process allows effective interaction between the carbon provided by the applied CO2 GANS liquid plasma, and the atmospheric carbon, oxygen, hydrogen, and nitrogen (COHN), in a magnetic gravitational plasma balance that results in a plant’s absorption of the magnetic gravitational field energy of hydrogen.

Subsequently, the plant uses the absorbed energy of hydrogen as a basis for meeting its other nutritional needs, as multiples of hydrogen are used to satisfy the energy of other nutrients, such as nitrogen or calcium. A similar process of carbon “capture and hold” of the amino acids, COHN, at the root zone effectively makes minerals available to plants. In addition, CH3 and ZnO GANS liquid plasmas are also used in agriculture to enhance plant energy and plant emotions, respectively.

Notable Plasma Technology benefits for agriculture

Plasma Technology has many agricultural benefits. Some of the notable benefits are: Increased farm productivity, enhanced food and fiber production, better soil fertility management, better plant and livestock health management, sustainable food production, and globally increased plant and human health.

Plasma Technology for Energy

Energy is already everywhere around us and in us. All are formed, manifested and come to existence, seen or unseen, by the interaction of the fields from all around giving the conditions of existence. Different conditions serves as factors involved how energy comes into being. The current method of using energy is not efficient, wasteful and damaging to the planet and living beings - in simple terms it is not working in harmony with natural order of things. The biggest challenge for humanity is how to harness this already available energy without causing damage or being detrimental to others in existence. Plasma technology will be guiding humanity, re-discovering oneself and the natural order of energy exchange that leads to progress and implementation of Universal knowledge on proper energy management.

The current application of Plasma technology using nano materials and their fields is at the beginning of expanding the knowledge of man on the aspect of energy management and energy exchange. As a transition phase of development and learning process for humanity, we combine the existing knowledge of man on energy that runs our machineries and appliances that with the materials provided with the knowledge of Plasma technology. The creation of magrav power units helps man put his first steps to the understanding of the Plasma in energy application. The gravitational magnetical fields of the plasma always seeks balance on any condition. The flow of the Plasma is from higher gravitational magnetical field strength to lower gravitational magnetical field strength. For applications which involves living beings that is already in plasmatic conditions, energy exchange and energy Plasma flow can take automatically at will of the parties involve.

We understood the conventional energy we use as a flow of electrical energy current from the point of source (generator) to the load (machinery, appliance, light...) and back to the source. In this method we harness the flow of energy in a form or electrical current. Should we need to harness the flow of the Plasma, we must create a condition where we keep the flow on going.

At the presentation of the hybrid magrav generator, we create a condition of imbalance acted by the compressor motors. An energy exchange of charging and discharging on the coils of the compressor motors creates such imbalance condition that the Plasma flows trying keep the condition balance. Initially we supply the whole circuit with an external AC supply to initiate a state of rising strength, charging the coils, and initiate the electrical energy flow to the load and allow the whole system to run that Plasma from the Plasma capacitors and magrav coils starts to flow towards which ever is in lowering strength (compressor coil discharging,lights - doing energy conversion). Since the two compressors are connected in complementary manner, reversed with respect with each other, each will always have an opposite state - one is charging or rising strength while the other in discharging or lowering strength. The conditions creates an energy exchange that Plasma energy complemented that creates an on going flow of Plasma to the whole circuit. Taking out the initial AC supply did not cut off the Plasma flow for the exchange is on going and mechanical action of the motors does not stop instantly. Adding more load (lights) even further create an energy conversion from electrical energy to light energy and a lowering strength condition in the circuit that Plasma add more flow to compensate. You see the importance of lowering the energy strength condition which brings in more Plasma flow. The more load added to the circuit, the more energy you get from the Plasma. Energy is not lost at all, only converted at the point of conversion by the load.

Plasma Technology for Kids

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