Pillow bashing

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My Pillow, my world!

Pillow bashing is a technique, invented by Caroline Keshe to free trapped emotions. The benefits of pillow bashing are important for kids and adults, because they empty their rucksack with all the situations they could not deal with, angers, problems, frustrations, they just get emptied, they get rid of them. The technique is giving a hand to sort yourself out. This are just tools to do it for yourself. As you empty your cup, you refill it with new information, with different information, you get a huge self confident boost and nobody will be able to run over you anymore, because you will stand your ground. Your features will change, people will start notizing.

How to perform pillow bashing

You can do pillow bashing alone, with a coach or with a group, e.g. at school or with your family. However, it is always important that you talk about what you feel, you have to be able to express your emotions during the entire process. If you act as a coach, keep in mind that kids or adults will start talking, let them talk. You have a key in your hands, the key to open the door to freedom. Because of the pillow and the way you sit you open something you usually do not use. Affected and opened are mainly the heart and the throat chakra. Especially in the development stage of kids the "fire" sits and is blocked in the heart chakra and it gets damaged, because its very emotional, and then you have the throat chakra, which can't express. So what we give kids and adult through pillow bashing is the self confidence to speak, you open the chakras, the "fire" can go out. In a different way, they get "drunk" because they get so much fresh air in, so deep, that they open, what has never been opened before. During the process, the doors of the "control systems" are opened, what normally is submerged and controlled, will be opened. It's a direct line to the subconscious and it will be opened up, the "channel" will be freed and a flow is posssible. You will see results on different levels, the children e.g. behave totally different, other "windows" are opened, which were blocked before,they start e.g. drawing, footballing, they start changing.

Train yourself

Basically you don't need nobody, you can train yourself. If you are an adult and you don't trust and you have noone,just put a tape recorder, record everything, say your peace,talk as long as you need and you need to say, then playback, listen to it and then destroy the tape or delete the file. Because it does not exist from that point on. You re-adjust yourself, you can sort out everything yourself.

Train with a coach

If you act as a coach, keep in mind that kids or adults will start talking, let them talk and don't blame them for anything afterwards. Keep in mind that emotions are coming out, which are maybe trapped for many years and mostly do not have any connection to you. As a coach, give 100% attention to the child or adult, which goes through the process.

Train at school or with family

In the classrooms e.g. with children which cause problems,they calm down. They have more room to absorb, what the teacher is giving them. The reports from pupils go up from 50 to 90%, if they are consistent with the pillow bashing, because you replace all the rubbish out of the "bin" and you can fill it up with new information, so when they are in the classroom, they can absorb what the teachers are saying, they can absorb the environment, they can learn new things. Kids drop weight, they get more active, they are more happy. As a teacher you will be confronted with kids who want to do the pillow bashing again and again from the first time on, and there will be some, who are not ready yet and will begin later, if they are guided the right way, then you help them to clean it up. A lot of children are going through extrem anger and insulting to do the pillow bashing, because they do not want to clean it up, but you give them a hand that it is possible and there is always change, after a few sessions they change. And this goes from one year old, who can hold the pillow. If you have families, you can give each one a pillow, go into a room where there is nothing and just hit each other with pillows. Its fun, its laughing, one hits harder, one softer, but that rebalances the energy in the family. By a playful way, you can rebalance your family very easy.

Pillow bashing step by step

The first week you do it every day before you go to bed. The second week, you do it 4 times a week. The third week, three times a week. The fourth week, two times a week minimum. From that on you decide yourself, once ore twice a week, for three to up to six months. That the patterns, that you got so used to, stay out of the way, that they cannot rebuild, because you keep on recharching yourself to get rid of it. The longer you keep it going, the more you make sure you stay in line. If you have people suffer with asthma, exima, add, you keep more interactive with them. ADD or ADHD has to take supplement Omega 6.The best product for Omega 6 is to find epa or any fish oil, which has more epa than depa, the charge should stay on this, until he is 18 years old, 3 times a week, 500ml. You balance the charge, you try to find all chickens, which still carry that information in their eggs and let them eat two or three times a week,if you can't find fish oil.