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Strength of the Oxygen

Mr. Keshe demostrates different strengths of the Oxygen with the counterpart within the illustration of H2O, CuO and ZnO.

Quoted; M T Keshe: Youtube Video Time 2:58:17 -- https://youtu.be/8OG1vWYT1Y0?t=10697

You have the higher strength oxygen you are carrying within the structure..

CuO and ZnO, both have Oxygen. But, the strength in the Oxygen in this (ZnO - http://en.kfwiki.org/wiki/ZnO_GANS), is much higher that the

stength of the Ocygen in this (CuO - http://en.kfwiki.org/wiki/CuO_GANS).

Then you have the Oxided Hydrogen (https://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/hydrogen_oxide), which we call the Water.

The Energy of the oxygen here, to attach itself to Hydrogen (H2O - https://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/H₂O) , is very very low, is very weak.

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